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Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Ravine Vineyard in January 2019.

Although we’re sure that every farm family feels the same about their 34 acre organic winery, at Ravine, we believe that ours is truly unique. Perhaps it’s because of our approach to family. Our goal was to create a sustainable way to maintain our 100+ year old farm and continue to foster the legacy of our family upon it. To do this we had to create interest, follow dreams and finds ways to continue to fall in love — with the land and each other.

Ravine is a paradise within a fabric of tastes, experiences, scenes and sounds across 34 acres of beautiful rolling vineyard. Using biodynamics and sustainability as a philosophy to farming, the enhanced quality and flavours in both our small batch premium wines and fresh food products is something we are proud of and very eager to share.

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Henry Of Pelham

Henry of Pelham Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Henry of Pelham in December 2018.

Henry of Pelham Winery is family owned and located in the Short Hills Bench of the Niagara Peninsula. Henry Smith, son of our original Canadian ancestor (Nicholas Smith ca.1778, fifer in the Revolutionary War) took his name from the toll-road which ran across his property. He built an inn, tavern and planted our first vineyards. As children we restored his vineyards to match artisanal grape growing to artisanal wine making.

They produce both still and sparkling wines and their most famous regional specialty, Icewine. Varietal, Reserve and Speck Family Reserve are the three tiers of still wines they produce centered on Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Baco Noir and Cabernet-Merlot. Smaller production Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Gamay and assemblage style rose at the Varietal level.

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Bench 1775

Bench 1775 Winery

We were proud to feature Bench 1775 Winery in November 2018.

There’s something very special about life on the Bench.

Found in the heart of wine country in beautiful British Columbia, Bench 1775 is located on the southern shore of Lake Okanagan. Named after the address of our winery, 1775 Naramata Road, along the beautiful Naramata Bench, Bench 1775 Winery is a celebration of land and place. Wines from Bench 1775 are produced with the unique expression of fruit grown in the Okanagan Valley from three vineyard locations: Oxbow Vineyard, on the original Golden Mile in Osoyoos, South Okanagan, and at Paradise Ranch Vineyard and Soaring Eagle Vineyard in the Central Okanagan.

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Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

We were proud to feature Tinhorn Creek Vineyards in October 2018.

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards was founded by Kenn and Sandra Oldfield and Bob and Barb Shaunessy in 1993 with a focus on growing the best grapes, making great wine, and having fun whenever we can.

Located just south of Oliver B.C., in the famed Golden Mile wine-growing district. As the number one winery destination evoking classic south Okanagan terroir, Tinhorn Creek proudly offers estate grown wines, growing grapes on both the Black Sage and Golden Mile benches. As the first winery in Canada to support carbon neutral measures, Tinhorn Creek continues their commitment to land stewardship, conservation and environmentally sustainable practices. Tinhorn Creek offers an unrivaled visitor experience along with wines that rank among the best in the world.

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London Born Wine Co.

We were proud to feature London Born Wine Co in September 2018.

When you think London, you might not think wine…but we do! Our family has come a long way to make the wine we love, right here in Canada. Wine that people love to drink and wine we love to share!

London Born is owned and operated by the Hoare family who are originally from London, England. Our historic 1800’s 50-acre estate, “Highland Vineyard” was purchased in 2007 and at that time the farm’s principal crop was Concord grapes used for making juice. Since then we have removed these vines, keeping two rows for prosperity and have installed drainage and irrigation to the north of the farm where we have planted vinifera vines with our first vintages released in 2010. Our varieties are Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Riesling. We have kept the existing 50+ year old Marechal Foch vines with their small crop of grapes; the care given these produces an intensely flavoured, satisfying full-bodied wine.

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Play Estate Winery

We were proud to feature Play Estate Winery in August 2018.

For years the Pechet Family and Sommelier, Mohamed Awad dreamt of establishing a beautiful winery offering high-quality wines and gorgeous views of the Okanagan. In the summer of 2016 that dream became a reality and the winery marks the starting point of the South Okanagan wine region.

Play Estate Winery puts a modern twist and adds a touch of drama to elegant and diverse wines. Play Estate also boasts iconic architecture, a 14-acre vineyard, and a unique portfolio. Their varietals include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Muscat, Viognier, and more.

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St Hubertus

St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery

We were proud to feature St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery in July 2018.

The St Hubertus & Oak Bay Vineyards were originally planted in 1928 By J.W. Hughes during a time when agricultural land was plentiful. Since 1984 the Gebert Family has used sustainable farming practices to produce 100% estate grown wines that reflect the terroir of the North Okanagan Valley, to show off the complexity associated with the old world, but with the clean fresh fruit flavours of the new world.

The result is a collection of authentic and memorable wines under the St Hubertus and Oak Bay labels.

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Huff Estates Wine

Huff Estates

We were proud to feature Huff Estates in June 2018.

Huff Estates was founded in 2002 and officially opened it’s doors in 2004. Huff Estates Winery was constructed with one thing in mind – producing high quality wines. The state-of-the-art facility has its crush pad and fermentation tanks sitting on top of a hill allowing for a natural gravity flow into the barrels below.

Huff will continue to share its family passion and history of the land by producing exceptional wines sourced from well-maintained vines complemented with the finest of winemaking expertise.

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Perseus Wines

Perseus Winery

We were proud to feature Perseus Winery in May 2018.

Perseus takes their name from the Perseus constellation which hovers over their estate vineyard during harvest. This collection of stars overlooks their region, much in the way the winery covers the Okanagan Valley searching for the finest grapes.

Located in Penticton BC at the foot of the Naramata Bench, they are passionate about showcasing the diversity of the land through honest and delectable wines.

Most notably, Perseus produces their flagship red, ‘Invictus’. Recipient of a 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s award as well as several international Platinum wine awards, this Bordeaux style blend is indicative of the potential Okanagan wines can achieve.

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